Air Freight Forwarding & Expedited Ground Services

  • Truck Services

    Utilizing our own fleet as well as our extensive network of reputable carriers, PEI is a preferred logistics resource for truck shipments nationwide. We manage shipments professionally, pro-actively and deliver on time. PEI takes our commitment to you to the next level. PEI prides itself on our quality customer service. Offering economical options and proactively tracking [...]

    Truck Services

  • International Services

    PEI provides a dynamic array of air export services for all types of products and industries within the United States. From exporting video games to providing the logistics for large trade shows, we offer it all. Our export clients range from pharmaceutical companies to large aircraft manufacturers to small ebay sellers. Let our experienced staff provide [...]

    International Services

  • Air Services

    PEI's air freight division is prepared to go above and beyond, taking your shipment any day, any time, any place. With access to all scheduled cargo and passenger flights, in addition to nonscheduled charter flights, we represent every advantage with a full range of domestic [...]

    Air Services

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Our Mission

PEI’s mission is to serve the customer, support the vendor, empower the employee, and contribute to the community.

Our Core Values

PEI’s core values are People, Principals, Profit, and Performance.

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Why Choose PEI as an Overall Business Solution?

Choose us because we offer the flexibility needed for your business to continue moving forward.

There are many reasons why PEI is a great choice for your business shipping needs. Do not choose PEI simply because we are a 100% female-owned company or just because our services are on time 97% of the time. While we are the leader in non-standard critical shipping services, we also offer productive business solutions. Our company strives to provide flexibility through services designed to make shipping easier. Air and truck services are available for more typical shipments. Air freight forwarding and our international services assist with global expansion and reduce the complications that often come along with this type of growth.

Choose PEI because we care about our customers, employees, vendors, and the community.

We believe in fairness, straight-forward answers, and providing the most beneficial solutions. PEI works hard for you in hopes of doing repeat business in the future. We develop relationships where everyone wins from the service provided.

Choose PEI because we are committed to your business.

Our company works hard every day to provide great service and solutions to customers. PEI would not exist or be successful without our customers. Your business will never be just a number and all suggested shipping solutions are in the best interest of your business needs and goals. We do our best to work with customers and provide the personalized service they have been seeking.

Choose PEI for simplicity and profitability.

You provide your specific shipping needs and we make it happen. Want to find out more? Just call (888) SHIP-911 and find out what we can do for you business.