About PEI

We’re as tough as your toughest shipment! — Rob Shaffer – PEI Customer Service Representative

Founded in 1992 by Michele Wilson and Vicky Carver, PEI began as a small air freight forwarding company in Atlanta, GA. Innovators but not risk-takers, we think outside the box while assessing the most reliable ways to make our customers successful. As a truckload carrier, truck brokers and air freight forwarders we specialize in delivering the best solutions available—especially the “never been done before” challenges. Guided by a philosophy of dealing with others the way we want to be treated, PEI’s management and employees work to earn your trust and loyalty. Whether it’s a one-time need or an ongoing requirement, your objective becomes our priority. If there is a legal way around a roadblock, we will take it. If a problem arises that cannot be solved, we will reveal the facts so that you can prepare as needed. We are gratified that a diligent, straightforward approach to business is as rewarding to our clients and vendors as it is to us. Our grassroots company, which has grown primarily through referrals, is now a multimillion-dollar enterprise. Today, we take pride in our ability to provide custom logistics and shipping services to clients nationwide. We invite you to contact us to learn how we can work for you.

Our Mission

PEI’s mission is to serve the customer, support the vendor, empower the employee, and contribute to the community.

Our Core Values

PEI’s core values are People, Principals, Profit, and Performance.


Giving Back to Our Community

We are founders and supporters of Paradise Empowers, Inc., which is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our focus is providing educational opportunities that inspire excellence to low-income and disadvantaged children and their families. Visit Paradise Empowers at paradiseempowers.org


Want to be a cartage agent for PEI?

PEI is always looking to expand our agent network. Agents for PEI are a vital extension of PEI and a valuable service partner. PEI’s loyalty and commitment to our agent partners is unmatched in the industry. To apply as a PEI agent please contact Jay Patterson.


Sales Agency Opportunities

The trillion-dollar logistics industry in the US presents tremendous career opportunities. Growing since being launched in 1992, PEI is planning for expansion into new markets with a stable base of loyal customers and loyal employees. With more sales agents entering our network, the outlook for our business appears more promising now than ever before. Additionally, several factors fortify the strength of our business:

  • Financial stability
  • Controlled growth rate
  • Established infrastructure
  • Ability to offer a holistic and unmatched portfolio of services: Brokerage, Truckload, and Air Freight Forwarding
  • A firm recognized by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)

We operate in accordance with the highest industry and personal standards, treating our customers, vendors and employees the way we want to be treated. Consequently, each appreciates the total value and complete integrity that we bring to the table. Therefore, we attract high-caliber people who are interested in building solid careers based upon long-term relationships. We base our selection of prospective candidates on an assessment of overall business experience and personal qualifications. We look for individuals with the following qualities: * Good “common business sense” * Demonstrated ability to lead effectively and develop people * History of previous success in business and life endeavors If you plan to run your own logistics business, we can assure you that joining the network of PEI would be a fruitful opportunity. Interested applicants should contact Jay Patterson



Airforwarders Association The Airforwarders Association (AfA) serves as the voice of the airforwarding industry. The Association is an alliance of Indirect Air Carriers, Cargo Airlines, and affiliated businesses located throughout the United States. Airforwarders play a vital role in ensuring the continuous movement of global commerce.

Delta Nu Alpha Educating tomorrow’s transportation professionals today. Delta Nu Alpha (DNA) is an international organization of professional men and women in all areas and at all levels of transportation and logistics.

Georgia Motor Trucking Association The Georgia Motor Trucking Association is the only organization in the state that provides full-time service and representation for the trucking industry. The Association serves as the “voice” of the trucking industry in Georgia, representing more than 400 for-hire carriers, 400 private carriers, and 300 associate members.


Georgia Women’s Business Council PEI is certified as a bona fide Women’s Business Enterprise from The Georgia Women’s Business Council, a partner in the network of certifying organizations with the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. View our certification here  The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) is the nation’s leading advocate of women-owned businesses as suppliers to America’s corporations. It also is the largest third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the United States. WBENC works to foster diversity in the world of commerce with programs and policies designed to expand opportunities and eliminate barriers in the marketplace for women business owners. WBENC works with representatives of corporations to encourage the utilization and expansion of supplier/vendor diversity programs.

Indirect Air Carrier At PEI we are serious about our commitment to the security of your shipment. PEI maintains an annual certification by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) as an indirect air carrier (IAC). As an IAC PEI and your shipments are subject to regulations governing air cargo security. Looking for weakness’ in security and to ensure regulatory compliance, TSA regularly conducts surprise spot inspections of our facilities, records and personnel training. PEI maintains the highest standard of security. Current security regulations forbid the publication of an IAC Certificate in part or in whole.

SmartWay Transportation Partner In its simplest form, the SmartWay brand identifies products and services that reduce transportation-related emissions. However, the impact of the brand is much greater as the SmartWay brand signifies a partnership among government, business and consumers to protect our environment, reduce fuel consumption, and improve our air quality for future generations. View our certification here.