Green Initiative

Transportation companies have historically been a major contributor of greenhouse gases and has one of the largest carbon footprints of any industry, second only to manufacturing. At PEI we believe that it is our social and environmental obligation to actively participate in programs and utilize technologies that reduce our carbon footprint, increase fuel efficiencies and decrease fuel consumption.

PEI’s Green Initiative includes:

  • Strategic load planning to reduce deadhead miles
  • Driver Training
    • Use of cruise control and lower highway speeds to improve fuel economy
    • No idle policy – while trucks are being loaded/unloaded reduces carbon dioxide and particulate matter emissions and decreases fuel consumption.
    • Nationwide participation in the “Idle Air” program to reduce unnecessary idling and increase engine life.
  • Auxiliary Power Units (APU’s) are being added to PEI’s fleet.
  • Average payload of 18,500 lbs. improves fuel economy.
  • Offering rail service to replace full truck load service when transit time permits. Rail service offers a great transportation alternative to full truck load with the added benefits of reduced emissions and fuel consumption.
  • Utilization of low-viscosity synthetic lubricants for maintaining equipment.
  • Fleet maintenance program utilizes Smartway Partner Vendors that share our green initiative.
  • Fleet consisting of streamlined profile aerodynamic devices to reduce fuel consumption and increase fuel economy, i.e.:  Roof fairings, cab extenders, side fairings and reduced trailer gap.
  • Purging and recycling outdated paper files.
  • Offering EDI and email invoicing to replace old and outdated paper systems.
  • Since 2004 PEI has reduced paper trail by more than 80% through the utilization of technology to dispatch drivers, exchange electronic paperwork with drivers and customers, send invoicing to customers, requested EDI or email invoices from vendors and a variety of techniques to reduce paperwork.