PEI Corporate

Vicky Carver – Co-Founder and CEO of Ship PEI

Vicky Carver – Co-Founder and CEO

Mother of 2 sons, and grandmother to 7 beautiful grandchildren, Vicky resides in Hampton GA. Vicky is very committed to growth personally, professionally and spiritually. As a business owner she wants to insure an enriched, exciting work environment where her employees can achieve their goals. She strives to maintain a company that is flexible and fun for all employees, that vendors respect and want to work with, that customers appreciate and keep coming back for more, and that allows us to support and enrich the communities around us.

Michele Wilson – CEO & Co-founder PEI, Inc., Co-founder & Vice President PEI Logistics

Michele started her career in air freight forwarding in 1987. With an extensive background in operations Michele set a goal to expand services to grow PEI into a full service logistics provider. In 1997 Michele began brokering truckloads, and due to customer demand for truckload services established PEI, Inc. in 1998 as an asset based motor carrier. Her extensive focus on tradeshows and event transportation has afforded PEI recognition as an industry leader in tradeshow transportation, as well as a nomination for TSEA’s 2009 “Transportation Vendor of the Year”. Michele contributes our growth and success to meeting and exceeding our customer’s unique requirements, by refusing to remain “status quo” and by continuously seeking innovative options and solutions to strengthen our partnerships with customers and vendors. Michele’s definition of leadership is service to her community and employees. She is co-founder of Paradise Empowers, a 501(c)(3) organization that gives back to the community by sponsoring programs which empower children worldwide.

Jay Patterson – Executive Director

Joined PEI in 1994. Jay’s air freight career began in local cartage at the age of 19. After two years Jay made the transition to air freight forwarding operations.  Serving 4 years as Operations and Terminal Manager for Imperial Air Freight and 5 years as International Gateway Manager for Eden Air Freight prepared Jay for his current position with PEI. Currently a member of the Board of Directors of Paradise Empowers, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit, focused on providing educational and cultural services to at-risk children.


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Ann Mann- Controller

Ann’s transportation career started with accounting and has blossomed into a myriad of other administrative functions, she took up HR and the ever daunting world of insurance and has since passed that flame onto on another employee. Ann handles our operating expenses and keeps us on track by maintaining the books. Ann’s flair for life and ever positive attitude go a long way in this business, she has a love for music, the outdoors, and anything out of the box. Ann is an integral part of our team and is always learning and striving to get to the next step. Ann is also currently a member of the Board of Directors of Paradise Empowers, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit, focused on providing educational and cultural services to at-risk children.



Alyssa Fleury – Director of Marketing

Alyssa joined PEI in May 2008. Her transportation career started at a young age helping out during summers at her aunts trucking company, Alyssa soon learned this was the path for her. She went on to college and graduated from Clayton State University in 2007 with her BA in Marketing and a Minor in Supply Chain Logistics. Alyssa first came to PEI as an intern, back in 2006. Since graduating, Alyssa went on to work at Kuehne and Nagel in their International Tradeshow Division, where she gained much of her international know how. Alyssa came back to PEI and created our Customer Care Division with hopes of building PEI’s International Division. In July of 2013 Alyssa moved to corporate and took over Marketing, her focus is to build PEI by bringing on more agencies, supporting our assets side, and helping each office retain and grow their customer base. She is our liaison with Clayton State and is instrumental in bringing in new interns and keeping that relationship strong. Alyssa is also currently a member of the Board of Directors of Paradise Empowers, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit, focused on providing educational and cultural services to at-risk children.

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Luann Morgan- Credit and CollectionsLuann’s career with PEI started before we were even PEI. As with any business collections is as important as any other function. Luann knows coming from accounting that collections can be hard and in our ever changing economy it can get harder but she always has a way of working with people and treating them fairly. Luann also has a knack for credit, she has 6th sense of knowing what no one else can see.  Her years of experience and intuition make her an awesome part of PEI.








Gayle Smith- Accounts Payable

Everyone needs a Gayle in their life, her organization skills are unmatched and she literally takes care of her PEI family. She does her job with such pride and detail it’s no wonder why we believe she has found her perfect job for her. Accounting isn’t for everyone and Gayle must have accounting in her blood or an uncanny love for it, not only does she keep everything straight at PEI she does taxes on the side. For Gayle it’s all about doing your job well and being with your family, she spends her free time with her amazing children and grand-children and keeping herself healthy so she can enjoy them for years and years to come.











Sarah Ferguson- Accounts Receivable

Sarah is newest to our team but that doesn’t stop her from being a huge part of the group. Sarah was hired on to assist with accounting and help organize and maintain TSA records, but as the years passed she has now grown into HR, Claims, and Accounts Receivable. A woman with many hats has taken each new step with a smile and a can-do attitude and has made improvements to everything she has touched. We don’t know what we would do without her and are soo glad she calls us home.