Share the LOVE

Sharing the LOVE one referral at a time

Starting Friday 1/13/17 until Tuesday 2/28/17. Give a referral for a potential customer for PEI to your sales rep or local office and once that referral completes 3 shipments PEI will share the LOVE.
You can choose to keep the LOVE and get a gift card to Starbucks/ Dunkin’ Donuts or you can choose to keep sharing the LOVE and PEI will donate to your choice of one of the below charities on your behalf.
Our Mission: PEI’s mission is to serve the customer, support the vendor, empower the
employee and contribute to the community.

1 Referral + 3 Shipments = $$$
($25 gift card for you or $100 donation to a charity below)

  Share the love- PDF to save and send