Does “Handle With Care” Mean Nothing?

Lost packageWe’ve all been there whether at work or at home, your shipment gets delivered and the box looks like it lost a fight with a bull. Now what? No matter who delivered it, no matter if it’s personal or business, no matter if you think the actual product is damaged you need to do a few things first.

1. SIGN for it as damaged, don’t let the driver leave without you being able to notate that. If the package is just that bad you can also refuse to accept the shipment due to damages.

2. NOTIFY whoever your carrier/ freight forwarder is immediately that you received your freight in damaged condition, signed for it that way and will be inspecting for actual damage. They should send you a claim form and instructions on what to do next.

3. KEEP everything, it’s a hassle to basically keep trash but don’t throw away packaging, if your claim requires an adjuster they will want to see everything.

4. Leave it where it was delivered and take PICTURES. Take pictures of the packaging all around and as you open the shipment, take pictures. If you see actual damage to the freight take pictures. Once you have taken pictures, if it is safe to move the shipment out of the way then do so.

5. Lastly, PAY your freight invoices. Claims can’t be processed till the invoice is paid, you cannot short pay an invoice based on the amount of damages you have to go through the process of submitting a claim.

Things you should NOT do:

1. Don’t sign off clear on your delivery when you see possible damage, it makes it harder to get a claim processed.

2. With all things there is a time limit so don’t put off telling someone about the damage, or you could risk not being able to file.

3. If you intend to file a claim the shipment must stay where it is delivered, sending to another location can void your claim as more damage can occur.

4. Don’t sell/ scrap usable pieces of the shipment until you are given the ok from an insurance adjuster. Altering the shipment can cause a claim to be denied.

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