Freight Class vs Chargeable Weight

CrateYou need some quotes to do a comparison, so you gather all the information you have and submit your quote requests and one carrier comes back and asks you if you know the freight class. Why do they need that the other people didn’t ask, what’s different?

The answer is simple, if you are asking an LTL carrier or a freight forwarder who can move it LTL they need to know the freight class in order to properly quote. All the rates that LTL carriers use are based on freight classes. For freight forwarders not moving it LTL and doing “air” or ground freight they use something called chargeable weight  to figure out the rates.

We have our handy “Figuring Out Your Freight Class” diagram but how is that different than chargeable weight? Chargeable weight ONLY looks at the higher weight between actual weight of your shipment (what the scale says it weighs) and the dimensional weight of your shipment (the volume your shipment takes up converted into lbs/ kgs), while Freight Class looks at that along with Stow-ability, Handling, and Liability.

So depending on how your freight will move determines if needing to know your Freight Class is necessary or just knowing the weight and dimensions is enough.