How LTL has Evolved

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If you have been in the logistics field as long as us you have seen your fair share of changes and one of the most notable changes that has become extremely useful for our customers is the complete make-over of the LTL industry. We can all remember dreading shipping anything LTL, it may get picked up in the next few days and take days even weeks to get to its destination and then deliver whenever it was convenient for the carrier. Lack of communication and customer service were biggies but if you wanted something somewhere for super cheap it was your go to. Thanks to the internet making things easier and more visible, many LTL carriers have invested in technology to fully automate their tracking and in turn speeding up their services. Today most carriers service a 600-700 mile radius next day and quality carriers can service coast to coast in 3 to 4 days by contracting out FTL Teams to do the run.

LTL still carries a stigma but it can absolutely rival line-haul carriers in terms of transit time and in many areas do better or service the remote areas that line-haul carriers do not. This is exactly why it helps to have a Freight Forwarder with the experience to vet the carriers they use and continuously review to make sure they are utilizing the best service possible for all your freight. It’s hard to get the right mix but a good Freight Forwarder  knows just what to do. Contact PEI today to discuss how we can increase the efficiency of your logistics.