How to Plan for Unexpected Freight Charges

Moving Money

Now that you know accessorial charges exist in the world and if there is something extra that needs to be done with your shipment you will undoubtedly get charged for it, so how do you plan for that? It’s easy ask questions and let your forwarder know as much as you possibly can. The more info we have the more accurately we can quote and  help plan for things that may be unexpected. Many times our customers don’t know and can’t get a lot of this info so we provide the best estimate we can based on the information available. We are more than happy to re-quote once they can find out the information or let them know if the original quote will need to change based on what it actually ended up being. A few simple details can also help us guide you based on our experience, like if it’s going to a hospital we need to deliver before 3:30 or if it is delivering to a tradeshow (one of our amazing specialties) then it will need to be set for a target delivery date and time and probably go to a marshaling yard and most likely we will have waiting time.

Things you might want to find out about the pickup/ delivery location

  1. Is there a dock?
  2. Will the driver have to wait to be loaded/ unloaded?
  3. Do they have specific pick-up/ delivery hours?
  4. Will the driver need any equipment to deliver- lift-gate or pallet jack?
  5. Will the driver need to park far away?
  6. Does he need to meet someone in order to make pick-up/ delivery?
  7. Are there any special requirements for pick-up/ delivery- deliver inside, upstairs, unpack, detrash, etc?

Things you might want to find out about the freight

  1. How is it packaged- naked, boxed, palletized, shrink-wrapped, banded, crated, etc?
  2. Will it fill up 1/2 a truck or a whole truck or just a smaller shipment?
  3. What is the weight?
  4. What are the dimensions?
  5. What is the freight class?
  6. What is the commodity?
  7. Is it hazardous materials?
  8. What is the value, and do you need insurance?

Things you might want to know about the service needed

  1. Is it urgent, hot, gotta have it 5 mins ago? Think a line at a plant is down or an airplane is in need of repair (AOG) and while nothing is happening the company is losing thousands.
  2. Is it still urgent but costs outweigh? They could get it tomorrow, maybe the day after, or the day after that
  3. Is it needed but they can wait maybe a week?
  4. Do they need specific date and time pick-up/delivery?
  5. Does it need to be the only freight on the vehicle?
  6. Is it perishable or date sensitive like newspapers?
  7. Is it for a tradeshow or event?
  8. Does cost outweigh every factor and slow and cheap are the option needed?