Why do Companies Charge Accessorials?

Surprised by Your invoice

We have all been there, you asked for a quote, accepted it, and moved your shipment and then the invoice comes in and BAM….what are all these additional charges???? Well those are accessorial charges, or extra “fees” for things outside the norm.

When quoting a shipment, there are usually assumptions for the forwarder….like….we will be delivering to a warehouse that has a dock, or that we aren’t going to have to wait on the consignee to unload (because most route trucks are making multiple deliveries) or we haven’t been requested to deliver “inside” like to a specific dept. or up a freight elevator. There are other services that can be provided for a “fee” or accessorial and most companies will charge some extra fee in order to perform anything outside of this norm.

Companies make money by being efficient and utilizing their time well, when these additional services pop up they have to charge extra to compensate for the additional time, loss of efficiency, or wear and tear for having to use some equipment. We know what your thinking how much time could it take to put the freight just right inside the building the driver is already there and it’s just a few more feet or how much wear and tear could happen on a rickety old pallet jack, and trust us we understand your frustrations, but if every pickup or delivery that a driver made that day asked for something extra it would compound the added time to that drivers day, maybe throwing him into overtime, making him late to the specific appointment time that the next delivery paid extra to have and now doesn’t want to pay for, or with all equipment maybe it was on it’s last leg and with constant use will now have to be replaced or fixed. There are multiple reasons why and just like every other company extra things cost extra money.

Your biggest issue is to know about these charges so you can plan for them. PEI attempts to ask all the right questions so we can ensure that your invoice is correct….the first time! We don’t appreciate receiving additional charges either….so we work diligently to include ALL charges so you can plan for them. If something pops up, like maybe you didn’t realize when your customer said they had a “spot” for a delivery that it was down a skinny alley in the back of the building and the driver would have to park 2 blocks away and the door only has a 3 foot opening so the shipment will have to be hand delivered box by box. Unexpected things like this happen all the time and we try to advise you immediately when we find out so you know there will be an accessorial charge.

PEI provides multiple services that aren’t “normal”….we pride ourselves on going the extra mile…like planning to bring a pallet jack for your inside delivery request or call your customer ahead of time because they aren’t available after 3:30 (most hospitals receiving closes at 3:30….and that goes for military bases as well)….we don’t want you to pay one extra dime if we can help it!