Huge Changes for Shipping to Puerto Rico

Huge Changes for Shipping to Puerto Rico

Stockbridge, GA, January 29, 2015:  If you ship to Puerto Rico you may have noticed some large delays. As of Dec 31st 2014 a huge carrier has terminated its service to Puerto Rico as well as sold off its remaining assets and lanes to other companies. Its vessels were over 30 years old and in need of repair and would not meet the new standards coming in the next couple years without millions of dollars in upgrades. This leaves 2 carriers to handle the work of 3,  this is causing a mass influx of freight to try and fit on the remaining carriers and a huge shortage in containers as the containers owned by the carrier were sold off and are not being utilized by the other 2 carriers. Due to this volume, a lot of freight is being bumped and they are advising they are still over booked (weeks out). Most booked and confirmed sailings are still getting bumped 2-3 sailings.  There is also a barge service they offer that has more capacity for the moment but takes 1 week to sail from Jacksonville to Puerto Rico instead of 3 days. We have been advised the remaining carriers are looking into plans to grow their fleet to make up for the loss of the one carrier and to deal with the increased volume, no one has definite dates of when this might occur, but I wouldn’t expect it to be soon.

We have met with the airlines that fly to Puerto Rico and spoke with them about the issue. They are willing to help out and do as much as possible to help accommodate the possible increase of airfreight. I checked back with them yesterday and they advised they do have a noticeable increase in Puerto Rico traffic due to the delays with ocean and they are doing all they can to prevent any delays with their service. PEI is doing all it can to support our customers and vendors during this change but we are still faced with the same issues that every other carrier and forwarder are faced with right now. We thank you all for your patience and understanding as we try to adjust to the changes in Puerto Rico.

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  1. Frankie Diaz January 31, 2015 at 12:56 pm #

    Thanks for the news! I was wondering why certain of the fast-food chains I regularly visit seemed to be short on some goods. Thank you for keeping us informed! :D

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