MRO Americas Part 1

Recently PEI had the opportunity to attend Aviation Week’s MRO Americas trade show at the Georgia World Congress Center. While we are extremely familiar with trade show logistics and the amount of work it takes to design, fabricate, and transport exhibits, this show in particular was interesting in that it represented two of the verticals we serve. The trade show industry as well and the aerospace industry often face major challenges as it relates to the supply chain, and since PEI specializes in critical shipping we are well equipped to provide effective, customized solutions for the most difficult and time critical shipments. This was a special show for PEI as it represented the intersection of those industries that we serve. I was able to stand in this enormous exhibit hall and admire the beautiful exhibit design commissioned by clients we have long served. Clients such as Boeing, Delta, US Airways, Timco, AAR, Bombardier, Meggit Defense Systems, Sat Air, and Pemco. Though the exhibit staffers are not the same people we connect with on a daily basis it was still somewhat satisfying to know that we not only play a role in simplifying the supply chain but also in making sure that the exhibits are professionally managed and delivered on time and intact.


In the next segment we’ll explore some of the supply chain concepts presented at the show… stay tuned.



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