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Dimensional Weight Calculator

Calculate the dimensional weight of your package. What is dimensional weight?

Freight Class Calculator

Calculate your freight class based on volume. What is freight class?

Disclaimer: This tool calculates an approximate freight class based on the weight and dimensions of your package. Many other factors, such as value and packaging material, are also used to determine a freight class. This tool should be used as a general guide only. For assistance with determining the correct freight class for the commodity you are shipping PEI recommends that you contact your carriers classification department.

Zip Code Lookup

Find a ZIP Code by entering an address, Find a ZIP Code in a city, Enter a company address to find a ZIP Code or Find a list of cities that are in a ZIP Code

Airport Locator

Find the nearest airport by city, town, zip code or geographic coordinates

Airport Delays

Check current U.S. airport conditions

World Time Zones

Check the time anywhere in the world.

Metric Conversions

Online calculators and tables for metric conversion


Check local weather conditions anywhere in the U.S.

Flight Tracker

Check the current status of any commercial flight