Order Entry User Guide
A guide to assist customers with our online order entry process.

Air Cargo Security
Air cargo security is regulated by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and if you ship air freight you have undoubtedly heard the term “Known Shipper” and felt the effects of the Indirect Air Carriers Standard Security Program (IACSSP). Indirect Air Carriers (IAC’s), such as PEI, are regulated by TSA and the IACSSP and must adhere to the cargo security procedures contained therein.

Cargo security is an issue that we are all concerned about. Not only for our personal safety but also for the security of the domestic and international supply chain that delivers the products and services that we buy and sell everyday. The free flow of goods and services throughout the global supply chain is vital to the U.S. economy.

PEI advocates an approach to cargo security that is both secure and that does not hinder the free flow of commerce. As a long standing member of the Airforwarders Association PEI has joined ranks with thousands of others in the transportation industry to work closely with TSA on this vital security and economic issue. To learn more about the state of cargo security please view the video.

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Fuel Surcharge Table
Table used by PEI to determine current Fuel Surcharge based on current fuel costs.

Helpful tips and information about packaging your shipment for transportation.

Air Container Specifications
Get the specifications on the most widely used air containers.

Truck Specifications
Get the specifications on equipment available with PEI.

Aircraft Loading Charts
Will your shipment fit into that aircraft? Have an odd shaped piece or an oversized piece? Use this tool to see if your cargo will fit through the doors of a commercial passenger aircraft.

Terms and Conditions of Carriage
These Terms and Conditions of Carriage govern all shipments tendered to PEI for transportation.

PEI has two types of authority, Contract Carrier and Broker. Choose the authority that you wish to view.

Safety Policy
PEI takes the safety and security of you cargo seriously. View our policy here.

Power of Attorney
Shipping international cargo? For PEI to executive a Shippers Declaration for Export (SED) on behalf of the shipper, a Power of Attorney is required. Please complete and sign the firm and submit to PEI as directed.

Credit Application
Set up a credit account with PEI.

Claim Form
Need to file a freight claim against PEI. Please complete the claim form and submit the required information as directed. All claims should be filed with the corporate office by calling 888-SHIP-911.


Driver BOL Procedures
FTL driver procedures when picking up and delivering your cargo.

Driver Show Freight Policy
PEI knows the trade show business. View our drivers standard procedures for tradeshow freight.

International Commercial Terms published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), that are commonly used in international contracts.

When negotiating an international sales contract, both parties need to pay as much attention to the terms of sale as to the sales price. To make it as clear as possible, an international set of trade terms (INCOTERMS) has been adopted by most countries that defines exactly the responsibilities and risks of both the buyer and seller including while the merchandise is in transit.

Print this chart for easy reference.

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