Hurricane Matthew Delays Transit

Hurricane Matthew is suspected to make landfall later tonight along the eastern seaboard.  Due to the potential landfall and evacuations all transportation has been delayed  or suspended. Many facilities have announced they are closed until Monday. Please expect transit delays to the shipments to/from the eastern seaboard of the US and the Caribbean islands for the [...]
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Huge Changes for Shipping to Puerto Rico

Huge Changes for Shipping to Puerto Rico Stockbridge, GA, January 29, 2015:  If you ship to Puerto Rico you may have noticed some large delays. As of Dec 31st 2014 a huge carrier has terminated its service to Puerto Rico as well as sold off its remaining assets and lanes to other companies. Its vessels [...]
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PEI’s Cincinnati Branch signs on for 5 more years

  PEI’s Cincinnati Branch signs on for 5 more years Ft. Mitchell, KY, January 17, 2014:  Hat’s off to the guys of PEI, Jeff Loy and Todd Strotman, owners of Dynamic Supply Chain Solutions in Ft. Mitchell, KY, just celebrated their 3 year anniversary in December and made the commitment to sign a new 5 [...]
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MRO Americas Part 1

Recently PEI had the opportunity to attend Aviation Week’s MRO Americas trade show at the Georgia World Congress Center. While we are extremely familiar with trade show logistics and the amount of work it takes to design, fabricate, and transport exhibits, this show in particular was interesting in that it represented two of the verticals [...]
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A partner focused on cooperation, collaboration, and communication

PEI is: A partner focused on cooperation, collaboration, and communication supported by an experienced team with a definite “can do” ethic.
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The Future of Tradeshow Logistics

There is no doubt that technology is making an impact on the tradeshow industry. It has yet to be seen whether or not those effects will be positive or negative. What I mean is that in some ways we expected the internet to replace some of the need for product displays and exhibits highlighting features [...]
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Property Broker Bond Increased to $75,000

On June 29 2012 Congress passed MAP 21 bill (Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century). While many of the news reports associated with this bill referred to the reduction of student loan interest rates and the allocation of funds for highway infrastructure projects, the legislation also changes the requirements for property brokers and [...]
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High Value Shipping: How To Protect Yourself Against Freight Claims

Freight claims suck, all the way around. I doubt that anyone would disagree. But they are a part of the freight business, and as much as we despise the thought of them – they happen. So, the question for us as a transportation company becomes; how do we protect our customers interests if loss or [...]
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Guest Post: Ryan Franklin

Diesel is going down, down, down   You’ve probably already noticed, but the price of diesel has been in a downward spiral lately. According to the Department of Energy, the average price of diesel has dropped 6.5 cents to land at $3.78 a gallon. That’s awesome!   If you think that’s great, wait, because there’s [...]
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Freight Sales Agent Success

The freight and logistics industry is a very competitive market. New players enter the arena every day. Everyday existing companies develop new services and improve old methods for managing their customers supply chains. Entry into this market as a new company can prove to be exceptionally difficult, not only due to the competitive nature of [...]
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